Facing the “new normal”, Personal Code Health provides your company, employees and customers a secure and efficient working space.

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Personal biometric identity generator

  • Ícono biometría facial
    Facial biometrics
  • Icono datos personalesBiographical data
  • Icono huella digitalFingerprint biometrics
  • Icono fotografía personalPortrait
  • > The stakeholder gets a diagnostic test done and the result is issued as a secure access code.
  • > Bidimensional identity codes are created and verified.

Military level security

  • > 2 RSA 8192 bits keys encryption
  • > 256 bits elliptic curve signature
  • > Facial recognition
  • > Avoids identity theft, counterfeiting or alteration of private documents
  • > No database queries
  • > This technology is used in the Mexican identity document

Great benefits

  • Icono de protección
  • Ícono de celular en mano
  • Ícono de impresora
  • > Protection of personal data (observance of the GDPR regulation)
  • > Works without internet connectivity
  • > Manual verification with our App
  • > Printed or digital use

go beyond

Unlock doors automatically with our identity self-verification

  • > Avoid physical contact with other people and personal supervision.
  • Ícono celular en mano
  • Ícono puerta
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